At the extreme south of Corsica, between sea and mountains, Murtoli covers more than 2500 hectares.

With the sea in majesty, the Domaine de Murtoli is the perfect fusion of a plant, mineral and animal world. 20 patrician houses or sheepfolds, stone buildings, shelters of peace and comfort, they have all been restored in the respect of the old-style architecture.

Murtoli also offers a restaurant with dishes from local products to enjoy in 3 settings as different as they are breathtaking: the “Table of the Cave”, a setting of traditional Corsican cuisine, in a warm and festive den, the “Table” from the beach “which offers an exclusive peaceful beach and a kitchen with Mediterranean tones, and a new space” La Table de la Ferme “where rustic chic cuisine showcases the Domaine’s products.

Whether you choose accommodation in our villa estates or shepherds houses, your nights will be calm and quiet and your days sweet and tranquil.
Our stone-built houses are beautifully simplisitic and reminiscent of true 17th century Corsican architecture. Their walls will keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Each of them features a unique atmosphere.